… celebrate

We are a sacramental community centred on Eucharist, and committed to communion with God, one another and all creation.

Therefore we

  • develop liturgies which nurture us through the Word of God, Community and Sacrament and send us out to continue the mission of Jesus in our daily lives
  • recognise and celebrate relationships and everyday experiences as places where God is present
  • assist each other to grow in the understanding, practice and love of prayer

… evangelise

We are called by Jesus to tell the Good News and be a light for the world.

Therefore we

  • witness to the Gospel in personal and family relationships, in community and workplace
  • affirm and support all who witness to the Gospel through their life and work
  • build life-giving communities both within our Churches and beyond them
  • work with others in society, especially other Christians, to promote values that are central to the Gospel

… care

We are a caring people who affirm the sacredness of life and the dignity of all creation.

Therefore we

  • value and support the nurturing of full human growth and dignity, especially in family and personal relationships
  • stand with and help those in need especially the most vulnerable
  • challenge policies and practices which deny people their basic dignity and rights
  • work with all in our Churches and in society who are committed to human dignity, justice and peace
  • care for the earth

… learn

We are on a life-long journey learning to carry out the mission of Jesus in our world.

Therefore we

  • search for the leading of the Spirit in the ‘signs of the times’ and in the wisdom of our Catholic tradition
  • help each other to see key moments in life as times of personal and spiritual growth
  • use opportunities for faith education available in the Archdiocese
  • encourage the formation of small groups for the sharing of faith and life experiences
  • develop the knowledge and skills necessary for us to celebrate, collaborate, evangelise and care effectively

… collaborate

We are called to use our gifts in partnership with one another to carry out the mission of Jesus in our world.

Therefore we

  • promote hospitality, inclusion and belonging
  • invite all members of the Church to contribute their gifts and talents to furthering Jesus’ mission
  • organise our communities in a way that promotes effective collaborative ministry
  • use collaborative processes in leadership, planning and decision-making