Wedding Guidelines for

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BOOKING (as from January 2017)

  • A proposed time and date should be checked by contacting the Parish Office on 9667 3040 or
  • A Tentative Booking date is only held for only four weeks from date of enquiry.
  • To confirm Wedding Booking date a completed Booking Form together with the Church Offering Donation.

Church Offering Donation:

  • For a couple living within the Parish Boundary – $300.00
  • For a couple living outside the Parish Boundary – $400.00


  • Cancellations must be received in writing.
  • Phone cancellations are not acceptable.
  • A cancellation fee of $50.00 will be charged.
  • Your refund will be forwarded to you as soon as possible.


  • The Parish Priest is available to officiate at your wedding.
  • If for any reason he is not available
    • any Catholic priest or deacon registered with the civil authorities as a Celebrant of Marriage may officiate;
    • the Parish Priest must be advised in advanced and give his approval;
    • the celebrant’s name, address, and telephone number to be given to the secretary at the time of booking;
    • if the priest is from another diocese, permission must be obtained.

Offerings for the Priest Celebrant:

  • That donation is a personal gift from the couple to the priest.
  • It covers marriage preparation, planning for the ceremony, conducting the ceremony and legal documentation.
  • There is a minimum donation of $400.00 to the celebrant.
  • If you arrange your own celebrant from outside the Parish, it is best to speak to the celebrant himself in regards to this matter.


  • These are recommended by both the Church and Government.
  • Information can be obtained from:

Catholic Care – Marriage and Relationship Education
Phone: (02) 9509 1234 Email:


  • Birth Certificate.
  • A Baptism Certificate – Especially For Marriage Purposes:
    • issued within 6 months of the date of marriage;
    • Up to date copy of the Baptism Certificate to be obtained by contacting the Church.
  • If either party has been married before:
    • Death certificate of former spouse;
    • OR decree of nullity (from the Catholic Marriage Tribunal) AND Civil Divorce Decree.


  • Marriage ceremonies in the Church follow ‘The Rite of Marriage’
  • Marriages when both parties are Catholics may be celebrated with a Nuptial Mass.

This presupposes that the couple attend Sunday Mass regularly thus being prepared for the reception of the Eucharist during their Nuptial Mass.

  • In the case of Mixed Marriages (where one party to the marriage is not a Catholic), the Church requires –
    • that the Catholic party have its permission to contract such a marriage;
    • the Catholic party must also intend to continue living the catholic faith, and to pass on that faith to their children;
    • the non-Catholic party is asked to recognise and appreciate the Church’ s concerns;
    • the ceremony in a mixed marriage usually follows the Rite of Marriage Outside Mass.


  • At least one month in advance of ceremony.
  • Must be arranged with your Celebrant and the Parish Secretary.


  • Ceremony must commence at time arranged.
  • Late arrival by bride could result in service being shortened.
  • Avoid upsets by making punctuality a priority out of respect for the priest and your guests.


  • Music chosen for the wedding should be in keeping and respect for the Church.


  • The Church makes no special floral arrangements for weddings.
  • You are required to make your own arrangements.
  • Only Pew decorations attached by ribbons are allowed.
  • Pew decorations not removed after the ceremony will be disposed of.
  • No Altar flowers during Lent, Palm Sunday and Advent.  (Floral arrangements will need to be brought in and removed after the ceremony.)


  • Respectful use of camera/video is permitted during the ceremony.
  • Professional photographers should discuss this with celebrant before the ceremony.


  • Use of confetti, rice, flower petals etc strictly forbidden within –
    • St. Therese Church;
    • the Church steps;
    • and/or on any other part of the Church property.


  • The Celebrant should be consulted about the contents, and approved by him before printing.
  • Booklet must be in accordance with the Rite of marriage of the Roman Catholic Church as approved for use in Australia.


  • Bridal cars only may park in the special space in front of the church.
  • No parking whatsoever is allowed within the church grounds or driveway.

Download Wedding Booking Form here.